The Power of Three

Aside from my body of work creating assemblages from found and other materials (such as tape and spray paint etc) I have continued a photographic practice that remains important to me. Since my final tutorial with Jonathan at the end of May, I decided to postpone the idea of trying to present this work in lightboxes, and instead ‘focus on content’ as Jonathan put it. 

In some ways this is a disappointment, as the particular technique I had in mind - of using changing coloured LED lighting, and printing each image layer on a separate piece of translucent film - could offer some original possibilities. However, it could also present substantial technical challenges and would probably require extensive testing and experimentation with different construction and printing methods. It could also cost a lot to produce. Jonathan was concerned that I could get bogged down on these on these technical challenges at the expense of content. Given the amount of time left I decided to fall back on ‘plan B’ and present this work more simply as digital prints. (I definitely still intend to pursue ‘plan A’, post-MA.)

I spent just a few more days taking new photos, focusing closer on my immediate area. I added these to a large collection of others I had selected. Although I have many similar shots I have taken over several years, I decided to mainly use newer ones I had taken since the start of the MA. I also decided to complete nine separate pieces to a ‘finished’ standard, although these were to be presented as three groups of three, echoing my earlier research into historical triptychs, such as The Garden of Earthly Delights.

[ More text to follow ]