Unit 1 Assessment

Learning Outcomes: ‘Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study’

• My original Project Proposal was developed in April, as detailed on the blog here. It has since been further developed as shown in my Mid Point Review presentation. I’m continuing work on it, and am currently drafting a new work plan for the remainder of the course.

‘Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion’

• During Unit 1 I have worked on around 6 or 7 main pieces – these are mostly finished, or nearly so – these are documented on the blog here and here . I’ve also gathered a variety of materials for use with these or future projects.

•  I have simultaneously continued a practice in photography – mainly from around the urban environment, as shown in the MPR etc. These have been mostly gathered for later application.

• I have taken part in almost all the online chat sessions - and have attempted to make generous contributions to the discussions, (encouraging a ‘brutal honesty’ from other students in the group!)

I have attended a number of other events at the college, including:

• The Mid Point Review for full-time students; as well as the symposium with full-time Digital Arts students and Designer Maker students; and and offered constructive feedback during these.

• Lectures at Wilson Rd and at Chelsea – and asked questions, or made comments, at most of these. These have included David Cross; John Sturgeon; Nikolai Larsen (at Chelsea); Linda Sardino; Paul Coldwell (x2); Mark Harris; Anna Bushan; Barnaby Barford; Paupers Press/Standpoint Studio; Klara Kemp Welch (at Chelsea); Ben James; Materiality (?) 1 day conference at Wilson Rd; and… Jonathan Kearney!

• Various workshops, including: Laser Cutting (for which I suggested the theme); Pure Data (with Ed Kelly); Sound (with Matthias Kispert); Letterpress; and a Printmaking induction.

• The online final symposium of the graduating students, at which I offered feedback.

• The Royal Academy of Arts Forum on ‘The Poetic Image in the Digital Age’.

• Following Jonathan’s recommendation, I met with the artist Emily Allchurch at the London Art Fair, to discuss using lightboxes etc.

• I attended gallery visits, such as to the Caroll Fletcher gallery.

• Shared tips and knowledge etc with other students by email.

• Started to organise an interim exhibition for students in our group – including approaching venues and producing a document profiling each student, showing samples of their work etc.

• Organised independent gallery visits with other students (eg. Light Show at the Hayward Gallery).

• Visited several student shows, including: 2013 MA show at Camberwell; 2013 MA show at Chealsea; 2013 MA show at Goldsmiths; 2013 show at Royal College of Art; 2013 BA show at Camberwell; 2012 MA show at Camberwell; 2012 BA show at Camberwell; 2012 MA show at Goldsmiths.

• Met with Jan Morgan at Camberwell Library.

• Helped to accommodate another student who was temporarily visiting from overseas.

• Met and got to know some new FAD students (Xia, Xavier, Russell, Harmeet, Jake).

• Learnt new skills using Lynda.com.

‘Articulate a clear understanding of the methodology and context of your creative practice in both written and verbal forms’

Research paper

• I presented my own work to rest of the student group at our first symposium, some of the work I presented is shown on my blog here.

Mid Point Review.